Physical check-up video: Group Exam Nr X

Will, Tyler, and Adrian are all shoved into the Dr`s office in the middle of classes. They are confused no one told them why and they are all very nervous. What the hell was going on?!? When they arrive at the Dr`s office they are told it`s because all of them missed the physical for the start of the school year. After that bombshell hit them they all had to sit patiently waiting to get their paperwork filled out by the nurses. The blond looked like she was having a bad day and they were all wary of her. They hoped she wouldn`t take it out on them. After the paperwork was finished, they had to stand up and get undressed. They began taking vital signs and as they did each cute guy tried to keep his eyes and his hands to himself. It was really hard considering that they are all so damn cute. Time for nurses to take their measurements, and listened to boys` hearts they told them to take off their underwear. Now these hot guys got really quiet and embarrassed. They each had their dicks measured and the notes on those clipboards got longer and longer. Then it was time for a short ass exam and as each boy turned and bent over his humiliation and fear surged. They each had their asses examined mildly and then told to sit back on the couch until their name was called for the in-depth physical.
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