Physical check-up video: Group Exam Nr VIII

As soon as the first group of young boys left the examination room another group was shown into the exam room where the nurses were preparing their equipment. They all settled in on the couch, just three young men looking to get a physical for school. You could tell by just looking at them that they were nervous and not exactly sure what would be happening. None of them had ever had a group physical and each boy was worried about what would happen, and how they would react being seen by their peers naked. Two blonde nurses took down all their names, had them strip and began the first exam. They had them say ahhh and the nurse checked out tonsils, mouths and even teeth making notes as she went along from boy to boy. At first the boys enjoyed having these cute nurses taking their vital signs and paying attention to them. They had a really hard time not getting a woody as the nurses moved down along checking out bodies and vitals. Each of these dudes had his cock fingered, fondled and measured and all the data was written down. These boys were confused and really embarrassed as their cocks were played with for medical reasons. When it was time for the anal exams they all turned around and shivered a bit before a lubed finger probed its way into their asses. These nurses left no part of these boys bodies untouched, fondled and probed.
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