Physical check-up video: Group Exam Nr VII

Every guy at the new school has to have a physical if they want to play sports. These teens wanted to play soccer so they headed out to get a physical. They were pretty shocked to find that the physicals were to be done by nurses and not a male doctor. They weren`t sure what to do, but after talking it over decided to stay. These guys really love soccer and need those physicals. The thought of playing soccer kept them all in the office, embarrassed and shy, but still there. The nurses sat them down got their vital signs and then began to examine them one by one. The others sat on the couch and watched. Then the boys got lined up next to each other in their underwear for the next segment of the exam. The measuring tapes came out and each boy blushed as his chest, arms and of course his pecker was touched, measured, inspected and then the vitals written down for posterity. After each cock was jerked and measured again, the boys had to show those tight asses and have them fingered and checked one by one. They bowed their heads and spread their cheeks as these nurses touched and probed their pink roses. Those asses ranged from super tight to wide and gaping as the nurses took exact measurements. These young teens got their physicals and can play soccer, but the shower rooms won`t be the same again! They will always remember their trip together to get physicals.
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