Physical check-up video: Group Exam Nr III

The trio of young boys that these female doctors have to examine have no idea what they`re in for, but they`ll soon find out. You can`t have these two crafty girls talking and planning together without something crazy happening in the end, and that`s just what these guys are in for, as they soon find out that they will all be taking their physical together, and they all need to get naked to do it, in front of each other! You can see the shame in their faces as they slowly take off their clothes one piece at a time, looking around to make sure no one`s looking. Of course, the girls are looking. They want to make sure that they feel as embarrassed as possible every step of the way. They really get off on it! Each guy was forced to watch their measurements being taken, as well as hear everyone else`s being called out. Nice way to make everyone jealous, huh? What made matters worse was when they were asked to take off their underwear to have their cocks measured. They didn`t even have any time to complain; soon enough, the female doctors were handling their naughty bits and measuring them for everyone to see! Each boy cringed as his measurement was screamed out for the world to hear, and then they were forced to bend over and spread their assholes for the doctors to examine. What could be worse? They`re all about to find that out!
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