Physical check-up video: Group Exam Nr II

“Oh boys, we`re ready for you!” the blonde doctor called out. The three boys didn`t know why they were getting called in together into the same room, or why their doctors were quite young, and quite attractive women. But if they thought that things couldn`t get any weirder, the first order of business was for them to all strip down to their underwear, because they would be having their physical together. The way that they looked at each other was priceless, with each of them trying to look away, all while trying to conceal their bodies from each other. They each first got up to have their vitals checked, like their heartbeat, their measurements, and their throats. “okay boys, now get up and take your underwear off. We have to measure you down there, too!” Oh, what shame! They all stood up, and reluctantly took their underwear off to reveal their limp cocks to the doctors. The female doctors giggled while checking out how nervous they were around them and each other. They each had their flaccid cocks measured, as they tried not to look at the doctor holding the measuring tape, and tried not to get aroused. But what was worse was when they had to turn around, bend over and spread their butt cheeks for the doctors. That`s bad enough, but for each of the boys, the worst is yet to come, as their individual examinations will surely bring even more shame to their faces!
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