Physical check-up video: Exam for Will

Will was the first to go up in front of his cute classmates to get his physical done. He thought they`d go to a private room to have the exam, but his thoughts were dashed as she lead him over to the corner of the room with the medical instruments. She starts slowly by taking his blood pressure, at first Will thinks, ok this isn`t so bad. Then she started to touch his body, and he looked over at the other cute guys from school to see if they were watching him get his body fondled. It didn`t seem like they were, but he knew they were in his heart. When they were finished with his blood pressure they had him turn around and bend over the chair his uncut cock was swinging in the breeze and he prayed the other guys weren`t checking out his ass. They slip a thermometer in t check his rectal temperature before spreading his ass cheeks wide to shove in a scope. They seem to find his ass is in perfect working order, and move on. Will is mortified and has a hard time turning around facing the other guys. When he does, she continues with his exam by measuring his uncut cock and then telling him he has to give her a sperm sample in this little bowl. He could hear one of the other boys snickering as he grabbed his cock and jerked it until it exploded its creamy ooze into that sample bowl.
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