Physical check-up video: Exam for Valery

He was the more quieter one of the bunch, looking like he just stepped out of a Marilyn Manson concert. Amazingly, his facial expression didn`t change much when they started taking his vitals, but of course he kept his hand over his cock because he didn`t want to show that he had a tiny penis, or worse yet, that he was hard because of the female doctors. It was even worse once they were checking his limp cock, as he kept nervously looking at the guys that were eyeballing him, and wondering why they had to do it this way. When he bent over, he couldn`t see anyone anymore, but he knew what everyone else was looking at; his bare ass being examined without anything he could do about it! He got his temperature taken after they lubed his butthole, and then his asshole was spread with the speculum so they could look inside. Everyone else was looking inside, too! The last part was the sperm sample, and he was trying everything to talk his way out of that. But they insisted, saying “well everyone else has to do it, so you have to as well! Let`s go!”. Rushing him didn`t help of course, and neither did everyone staring at him! But he was finally able to milk his cock dry, and then ran out the door to leave everyone else behind! The female doctors laughed, and then brought up the next patient to get his physical done.
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