Physical check-up video: Exam for Tyler

It was soon Tyler`s turn to have his physical, and although reluctant he got up like the other lads before him and headed over to the joyless nurses. He knew what was to come and he gave the nurse his arm. He seemed cool as a cucumber as the nurse poked and prodded his naked body. Inside he was shaking and was scared of having his naked body poked and touched by these devilish nurses. At first this cutie thought he was going to get by without having to have his ass checked. They gave him a beaker so that he could give them a urine sample, and from what he had seen before that usually came after having your ass destroyed by these evil nurses. He was feeling pretty good skipping through his physical like that until he turned in his urine sample and they told him to turn around and bend over. He knew what was coming and he clenched his ass tight, which made it hurt so much more. He didn`t mind thinking about the other boys looking at his ass. He knew that his ass was fine, and if they wanted to check it out, then they could. When they were done they turned him around to complete his exam, like the others with an inspection of his cock. Just like the others he had to jerk on his joy stick until he left a sticky sampling of his sperm in the cup.
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