Physical check-up video: Exam for Tomas

As the other two boys fidget naked in their seats, and with one boy hilarious running away from the rest of them, this sun-burnt boy is made to get up on the bench to get his examination. They make fun of his lobster colored skin while taking his vitals, making him feel shame more than just trying to keep his dick concealed from the rest of the bunch. “Now you can`t hide that forever! Let me check it out!”, the doctor encouraged the shy patient. She had to take a measurement, and she couldn`t believe how little she had to unfurl that measuring tape. Even the other boys were laughing at him, looking at their own penises to compare. They got a good look at something else he didn`t want to show them; the inside of his ass, as the doctors prepared his butt for its examination. He clenched that rectal thermometer so tightly that they made sure to stretch him to his limits with the speculum. The thing he wanted to do least after that was jerk off, but that`s just what they ordered him to do while scribbling on his paperwork. He kept telling them that there was no way he was going to cum, because he usually has problems with it. “Well practice makes perfect. Give it a go!” the doctors encouraged him. They practically cheered him when he finally shot his cum into the dish, and he was finally done with his exam.
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