Physical check-up video: Exam for Oscar

After seeing what the first boy had gone through, this boy had no desire to go through it. But the doctors strongly urged him to get up on the table and “be a man” about it all. Who could a question of manhood from a woman, let alone two, who just happen to be your doctor? So albeit through huffs and puffs, he was sitting there getting his vitals checked, knowing that he was about to be embarrassed like never before. He was ready for them to touch his penis, even though he nervously shifted and moved in order to not get hard. The girls giggled at his misfortunes, knowing that he`ll be through a lot worse before this is over, and that he`ll be hard by the end anyway in front of them! His ass and his face cheeks were blushing, as both doctors had a hand in spreading him open while he was lubed up, and then opened by the non-forgiving speculum. Getting himself hard was a tough task indeed, as he couldn`t even get hard enough to be measured! The other boy noticed this, and knew that he had a tough time getting hard to begin with, let alone in front of girls and guys. He took his half limp dick in his hand, and stood up so the girls would have less of a chance to see his jerk show. He finally came, and they had to check his heartbeat just to see how much he exerted himself!
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