Physical check-up video: Exam for Oliver

This brunette lad was the first to get his personal physical in front of the others, His palms were sweaty and he was blushing a bit as the nurse pulled him off the couch and over to the exam area. Oliver could feel the other boy`s eyes on him as the nurse began to take his vital signs. He didn`t like having them watch as she pinched and prodded his body, but what could he say. It wasn`t so bad at first, with them measuring his body and checking out his tonsils and reflexes, but when he was asked to pee in a beaker, he had a hard time, it took him quite a while to pee in that cup as the other guys watched his uncut cock. He was finally able to pee in the cup and she took the cup from him telling him to bend over. As he bent over he couldn`t help but feel exposed and felt his ass grow hot as the other boys watched her spread his ass cheeks wide open and probe inside. They wrote down everything they found in a notebook for his medical history.

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