Physical check-up video: Exam for Michael

By now, this boy had already seen his share of cocks and asses. So he wasn`t trying to hide anything anymore. He figured that it was sad enough that he had to sit around naked long enough before his exam, so fuck it, here`s my ding dong. That`s why the doctors amped up the shaming, after his blood pressure and reflexes were checked. They grabbed a hold of his cock and let it flop back down like a piece of meat, while they laughed at the sight and sound. Then instead of having him bend over, they made him grab his ankles right away, while they slid the thermometer up his ass after fingering lube into it. Hell, you could see his ass tighten as it slide inside! The speculum spread him like a turkey being stuffed, and now he was feeling the shame that everyone else got to feel. Of course, his exam wouldn`t be complete without a sperm sample. And the young¬†poor boy couldn’t even get hard for them! Them reminding him that everyone`s waiting for him, as the boys look at him pissed off, didn`t help things either. He finally got it hard enough to get something out of it, and quickly handed them the dish of cum before they all got their clothes off and left. The female doctors giggled as they read their paperwork, shaming them one last time before they left the office. “Come back soon!”
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