Physical check-up video: Exam for Luter

With every boy in the office wondering what`s going to happen next, and wondering why they all have to sit naked together, the first boy went up to get his examination done. They started out by testing his blood pressure and his reflexes. Then they started to examine his penis. He was trying so hard to not get hard and have not only the female doctors see, but the guys sitting around watching the action. They made him pee into a cup right in front of everyone. Good thing he didn`t miss the cup! Next was something he really couldn`t have expected; he had to bend over towards everyone and spread his ass for them, as they lubed up his butt and took his temperature. It`s a good thing that you can`t see his face, because I`m sure he was red with embarrassment. Hell, the other boys were red knowing that it`ll be them next! What made it worse was when they slid a speculum in his ass and spread it wide. The girls smiled as they pulled it out, no doubt happy at the shame they caused, and were about to cause. “Alright, now we just need a sperm sample, and you`re done!”, the doctors said to him. He couldn`t believe that he had to jerk off for everyone, so he grit his teeth after he was measured and jerked off as fast as he could, cumming quickly. Don`t think he wasn`t made fun of for being a two pump chump!
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