Physical check-up video: Exam for Litas

Litas took his sweet time going over to the exam area, and he found that staring at the pretty nurses and their ample tits helped him from being overly nervous and thinking about all the guys checking out his body from the couch. Those pretty nurses checked his blood pressure and then his reflexes using a little hammer that made his leg jerk. He was thinking this wasn`t too bad when she grabbed his pecker and jerked it a bit until it started to get hard, now he was freaking out. He looked over and all the guys were checking out his dick. She handed him a cup to pee in and although he could pee into the cup, he was still blushing with embarrassment. It was now his turn to bend over and say ahhh, she didn`t waste time shoving her fingers into his ass and probing around looking for lumps and other medical infirmities. She took his rectal temperature, then shoved in the rectal speculum to check out that ass even further. When she was satisfied she turned him around had him to do some calisthenics then gave him a cup to leave a sperm deposit in for later testing. He was hoping he wouldn`t have to do this and it took both nurses quite a bit of talking to get him to stroke his cock and leave them the sample they needed. Litas was so happy to be finished and he vows to never go to a group physical again.
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