Physical check-up video: Exam for Klif

Out of all the guys waiting for a physical Klif seemed the most at ease. He even joked and flirted with these blonde nurses a bit before they got started. They took his vital signs and flirted a bit back with him, which took away the awkwardness of having his shit seen by the other dudes. As she shows Klif the odd looking hammer to check his reflexes, Ilya finally realizes what it is and feels really stupid. Hearing llya`s sigh of relief he looks over and grins at him, before watching his nurse check out his arms, and begin her cock testing. She fondles his cock and gives him his own beaker to pee in. She has him turn around and immediately tackles his ass with her gloved finger and telling the 2nd nurse all about his ass so she can write down the information. He is so embarrassed as he realizes just like he did, that everyone is hearing all the stats about his ass and what they are finding as they examine him. When she finished with checking out his ass she began fondling his cock and brought out the measuring tape and cup for him to stroke and jerk off a load so they could test it. Just like the other guys he did what he was told and blushed the entire time, but at least he was almost finished with his exam. After all the boys got dressed with a sigh of relief and left.
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