Physical check-up video: Exam for Jaroslav

As they examined his paperwork, the next boy up peeked over and said, “you don`t need to do as many tests as he got, right?” They responded with, “oh, come on. It wasn`t that bad. What are you, a pussy?” It`s probably not wise to piss off the people who have full control over you, especially when they`re two female doctors who are performing your physical. Who knows what they`ll do to him here! He doesn`t really know what to do up there in order to protect himself from the exam. Hell, there`s nothing he can really do anyway! He crosses his legs like a girl when they check his reflexes, and he`s happy that he can cover his tiny cock from everyone`s eyes. Of course, both female doctors make sure to make note of that, and make sure he has to use his dick now in front of them to be examined, to pee, and later on of course when he has to cum for them. He keeps trying to cover his ass when they were going inside of it, and that really made the doctors mad. “Quit squirming!”, they bellowed to him, and punished him by not giving him enough lube when they stuck the thermometer and speculum up there. They opened him so wide that you could see what he ate for lunch! You`ve never seen someone jerk off and cum as fast as he did, and he even got made fun of for it!
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