Physical check-up video: Exam for Ilya

When it was llya`s turn to be inspected he was really embarrassed and wouldn`t stop holding his hands over his little cock. He didn`t have to hide his dick for long; they pushed him over on his gut right away so they could check out his tight ass first. As soon as he laid down the nurses began to probe his ass and make notes about his interesting birthmarks. It wasn`t until they got the medical equipment out that he started to sweat heavily. When they were finished gapping his asshole and testing it with probes and getting his temperature, they had him turn around and pee in a cup. This was really embarrassing for this young man because his cock is so tiny and all the other guys were watching him and snickering a little behind him. He got it done and then they measured his uncut cock and gave him his own cup to cum in. He looked at them and couldn`t believe they wanted him to masturbate in front of all those guys, but they did and they told him it was important that he filled the cup with a sperm sample for his physical. He told them he had never had to do that for anyone before. They smiled and told him either do it or leave without his papers. He did stroke his cock and jerk it while the other guys pretended not to watch until he left them a sampling of his man goo.
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