Physical check-up video: Exam for Gleb

The last boy obviously knew what he was up against. He was confident in the beginning, including not always covering his nude cock because he knew how he measured up against the other boys. Plus he figured that he was naked for so long that what did it matter anymore? However, there was one thing making him nervous, and that`s how he always had trouble making himself cum. And now he was going to have to do it in front of an audience! He was able to keep a good pace with the vitals in the beginning of the female doctor`s examinations, but when they were checking his balls for irregularities, he was quickly shamed because he started getting hard! They tried to explain that it was normal, but it doesn`t help when two females are giggling about it, even if they are your doctors. Next was his anal exam, and it`s a good thing he wasn`t able to see everyone, because everyone there was looking inside his ass! He would have been so embarrassed if he knew, but he`s already blushing because now he has to stroke himself in front of everyone. He massaged himself while the doctors watched impatiently, and he was relieved when he was finally able to cum. The boys were excused from the office, and then the doctors got to make fun of their paltry sperm samples! If they only knew that they were making fun of them while they were gone!
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