Physical check-up video: Exam for Danny

Young boy Danny was shaking by the time it was his turn to go up and have his physical exam. He knew that everyone would be watching him and seeing him tortured by these teen nurses to get his physical for soccer. He had just been wondering if all this was worth it when his name was called. He wasn’t sure what to expect, all the other physicals were a bit different from each other. He calmed down a bit while she took his blood pressure, tested his reflexes along with writing down his other vital signs, but when she showed him a medical instrument that looked torturous his eyes grew wide and he freaked out a bit. What the hell was that, and what would they do with it. Crazy female doctor put on gloves and began to measure his little penis, he was freaking out thinking they would shove that big ass thing inside his cock hole and he about fainted. She had him stand up and pee in a cup like the other boys and turn around to face the wall, he relaxed a bit then. The thought of that object up his cock had him really upset. She lubed his tight asshole and spread it wide to check it out for damage and then turned him around again, made him squirt a load in a cup and was finished with him. Danny was embarrassed sitting back down to the others, but his cock was safe.
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