Physical check-up video: Exam for Carl

Carl is a very shy guy, and when he goes for his physical he is shocked to find that he has to sit with a bunch of other young men and wait his turn. He watches as guy after guy gets a physical and he is getting really nervous as more guys come in after him. Will he be able to get naked in front of those other guys, he is really scared now, but it is his turn and he dutifully goes up and lets the nurse begin her exam of his body. He tries to forget that the other guys are watching him as she makes him pee in a cup right in front of them his uncut cock shaking as he tries to piss straight in. The worst was yet to come as she made him bend over and she began to probe his ass. He has a tight ass so she needed to lube it up and stick in an anal probe as everyone watched and his face began to burn from embarrassment. When she was done checking his ass, she measured his cock and then gave him a small bowl and forced him to jerk his cock until it gave her a sample of his cum. All the boys watched, and as he moaned before filling the small cup, they grinned and he felt like dying right there. She took his sperm sample and he ran for the hills putting his clothes on as he left.
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