Physical check-up video: Exam for Armen

Armen was the last young boy in his group to get his physical and after seeing the others getting prodded and fondled and that cum in a cup crap he wasn`t too happy about it being his turn at bat. The other guys gave him shit and told him it wasn`t fair that they got up and did it and he isn`t. They won`t let him get away so he slowly makes his way up to the exam area for his turn. The nurse seeing his attitude didn`t mess around she went right to work and started checking out his small penis size and flipping him around to probe his tight ass with her gloved finger. She then took his rectal temp as well before using the rectal speculum to check out his ass and left it gaping wide open when she was finished. She tried to get him to pee in the cup, but this took him quite a long time, he knew that the guys were watching him as he watched them and his dick didn`t like being watched. She finally got a very small sample and handed him the sperm sample cup. This was the hardest part of the exam for him and he had to close his eyes and pretend he wasn`t being watched as he masturbated to give her the white sample that she so wanted and needed from him. His face blushed, but he was finally able to leave a sperm sample get dressed and leave with his group.
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