Medical exam photos: Group Exam Nr XI

The nurses at the Dr`s office are ready to go home, and they decide to have both Denny an West do it together. It will get them out of the office faster and the boys can get home or wherever they are going much faster if they do a group exam. The guys think that`s a great idea, and step into the exam room together. The nurses explain to the lads exactly what will be happening and begin to look into their mouths. They then take other vital signs before having them strip down to their skivvies. The boys don`t seem to have a problem taking off their clothes and those tight undies really show off their fine asses and sweet packages hiding inside. They take a quick glance at each other before listening to the nurse. It isn`t long though until they are told to take off those tight undies and when they do each one of them takes a long hard look at each other`s cocks. When the boys bend over, they look pretty sexy even though they left their socks on. The ladies aren`t really interested in how sexy they look, they just want to give them their rectal exam and go home for the day. After they push, pull and prod those hairy asses the girls slip their gloves off and tell the boys that they are fit as fiddles and they can go home.
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