Medical exam photos: Group Exam Nr VI

When these boys showed up for their physical exam, they were told to go into the next office and strip to their underwear to be ready for their doctors. But they didn`t expect their doctors to be two young females dead set on making them feel helpless and insecure! But that`s what they were practicing that day, along with the procedure of a physical. Each boy lined up nervously like a storefront mannequin as the doctors examined their throats and took their measurements. Their chests and waists weren`t the only thing that they measured though! It was more embarrassing for them to have their penises not only measured, but to have to hear each of the measurements read out loud to be recorded. They figured out real quick who had the smallest penis in the room, but every one of them was shamed beyond belief. Making matters worse was the rudimentary anal exam they had to go through. She had them spread their ass cheeks and closely looked at their balloon knots. You spend years trying to hide that piece of your body, and now you have to spread it open, and for a sexy girl who just happens to be your doctor, no less! The ear exam in the end did nothing to calm down their nerves, as they stood around nude, wondering what was to come as the individual tests were about to go down. What could possibly be worse than what they`ve been through already?
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