Medical exam photos: Group Exam Nr V

The two female doctors had many appointments for physicals after 2pm, so they decided to combine these three into one appointment, since they were all there for the same thing. But not only were they going to receive a check-up, but they were also going to receive the most shame they`ve ever felt. Who expects to see such sexy female doctors when it`s time to get a physical? You can tell by how uncomfortable they all are about it that they are not looking forward to this. When the girls asked them to all strip, they each nervously looked at each other, wondering why they had to be naked in front of everyone, the boys and these two women? But it`s doctor`s orders, so each boy stood there in their underwear as they got their throats and their hearts checked out, as well as their weight. It was when it was time for the measurement that their hearts sunk into their chest. “You mean we have to have THAT measured here, now?”, one boy asked. They didn`t even answer him, as one by one, their limp pricks were laid up against a ruler, and the measurement yelled out loud for all the boys to see. If knowing that your cock was smaller than another`s wasn`t bad enough, they turned around and had to spread their ass cheeks so the doctor could see inside. If they thought that all of that was bad, here comes the individual exams!
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