Medical exam photos: Group Exam Nr IX

When a crazy flu epidemic hits the school, everyone is required to visit the Dr. and have a total physical before they could return. Misha, Damon, and James all decide to go through this horrible experience together. None of them like going to the Dr`s and they are all hoping that they will give each other the moral strength to accomplish this task or they are done for. At first it doesn`t seem to be a big deal, they all have to fill out the normal paperwork. Age, race, illnesses, but when they get to the bottom of the form they all seem a bit shaken. There is a question about the last time they had intercourse and had an orgasm. This doesn`t seem like a normal question, and when they ask about it, the nurse quickly tells them it has something to do with the new flu epidemic so they all quiet down and finish their paperwork. Then they huddle together as a group waiting to be seen. When it is their turn they all have to undress in front of the lady nurse which causes some of the boys to blush, esp. when they begin to take their vital functions. Each boy fussed when the nurse touched their cock and weighed their ballsack. All the information was kept confidential at least. They must have all been fine, because they each got a certificate to take back to school so they could return to classes.
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