Medical exam photos: Group Exam Nr IV

“Now boys, I want you to treat us like you would treat your normal doctor. With that being said, hurry up and get naked”. What a start to this uncomfortable scenario! Three boys who thought they were going to have just a plain old physical performed by a plain old doctor walked into the office together to find two sexy blonde nurses who were now making them strip in front of each other while they get checked out. What more shameful events can occur? You just have to wait and see. Standing in their underwear, each boy gets a rudimentary physical to start, getting their throats checked out, as well as their body measurements taken. They had the stethoscope pressed against their backs to hear their heartbeat, and were each given a thumbs up. And they were each given the order to strip down out of their skivvies as well. You should see the looks on their faces when they were standing next to each other nude, as they each had their limp cocks measured by the female doctors, and their measurements were read out loud! What torture! Just when things couldn`t get any worse for them, they each had to have their assholes checked. So they bent over, which is a good thing, because they couldn`t see the doctors giggling quietly as they spread their butts. After their pulses were checked, that was it for the group physical. But the individual ones, and the doctor`s fun, was just getting started.
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