Medical exam photos: Group Exam Nr I

Looking cocky as they normally do, these two female doctors were going over the paperwork for the next group of guys that were going to be given a full examination by these highly qualified female doctors. The group was shocked to see two women around their age that were going to be performing the exam, and you can see that they were quite embarrassed to have to strip down bare for them! Each one of the guys huffed and puffed as they sat their in their underwear, wondering what was next on the list. They all had to stand up and get their throats examined, which was definitely the easiest part of their exam. Their bodies were then measured and read aloud, which really made them blush! “Now take your underwear off, boys!”, the doctors told the patients. They were so nervous about that, especially since that meant they all had to see each other`s cocks and stand there like pieces of meat! Ohh, what shame! And then to make matters worse, the doctor took out a ruler and measured their cocks down the line, screaming out the results so every boy knew if they were bigger or smaller than the other. Before their initial checkup was done, they had to bend over and show off their asses and then sit next to each other naked. My, what could possibly be next after all of the shame that they just had to go through?
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