Medical exam photos: Exam for Wes

After Denny has his exam it`s time for Wes to go up and have the nurse`s check out his fine body. He really enjoyed watching Denny, and he hopes Denny will enjoy seeing his naked body as it gets ran through all these tests. The physical seemed to be the same as his friend Denny`s so he just relaxed and enjoyed having someone touch his body as Denny watched. He grinned and when they started to measure his cock he gave Denny a knowing look. He gave a urine sample and turned around wiggling his ass a bit teasing Denny and giving the girls a chuckle. They told him to stop wiggling, and when he did they tested his ass probing and using the rectal probe. That stung a bit, but he kept his mind focused on Denny and it didn`t feel as bad as he thought it would. When he turned around again and the nurses began to fondle his dick and write down the measurements he winked at Denny. He knew he`d be jerking his cock off into a cup and he couldn`t wait. They handed him the cup and he grabbed his cock and began to stroke that beef until he was moaning and jerking his hand. As he exploded his load into the cup, he was hoping that Denny got the idea and that he would go home with him after the exams were over. Denny smiled and Wes knew they would be going home together.
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