Medical exam photos: Exam for Vadim

The last boy was so frightened to get his testing done. He had trouble getting hard to begin with, let alone getting hard in front of all of them, and really dreaded the last part of the examination. The other boys were jeering him since he was the last one up, and they all knew what to expect. And the female doctors didn`t help in this instance, because they teased him as well! The first part of the examination went smoothly, even though his legs were shaking from what`s to come. They checked out his cock, and made him bend over since it was time to check out his asshole. They took notes on how he whined because he didn`t want anything up his ass. So they made sure to stuff their fingers in to “lube it up real well”, but the cringes on the other boy`s faces made it known that he was being punished. His temperature was taken, and then the cold steel of the speculum entered and spread his ass. What torture! Of course it was nothing compared to what he had to suffer through next. He stroked and stroked until he could get it at least partially hard. They kidded him about having to write down such a small size, and then he stroked until his hand was sore and he finally got some cum. They were finally free to go, and the doctors made sure to make fun of their findings when they were gone!
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