Medical exam photos: Exam for Sander

With two sore asses parked on the waiting couch, the last boy nervously got himself up on the table while the blonde doctors laughed at how worked up he was. After all, he had just seen two boys in front of him have their butts spread open, and jerking off for a sperm sample, and he wasn`t looking forward to the experience. He was so jumpy during the vital check that the doctors made fun of his lack of reflexes. They also made fun of his tiny dick, as they grabbed a hold of it and damn near cracked up in the process. After giving the pee that they needed, and being made fun of for the color of his output, he was ordered sternly to “spread `em”, which probably isn`t proper terminology for a rectal exam. But when you`re bent over and nude in front of female doctors and dudes, you don`t really have the time to question things. Especially when you`re embarrassed over the fact that fingers and speculums are being shoved up your ass. He was forced to make his tiny penis grow as much as possible for the sperm sample, as the doctors hovered over him. If that wasn`t bad enough, the other boys were practically cheering him on, knowing that as soon as he was done, they could all go. He squeezed the tiniest amount of cum out, and as the doctors looked at the putrid amount, they were all free to go, red faced and all.
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