Medical exam photos: Exam for Robert

So now two boys were sitting on the couch sore and embarrassed, and they could do nothing to cover their shame. The next boy sat between the two doctors and had seemingly geared himself up for whatever they had in store. Luckily for the girls, they have been trained to handle this, and know just what to do in order to make sure that they`re properly humiliated. He looks pretty confident after the first series of tests, doesn`t he? He figured that it was a piece of cake to get checked out and his cock examined. Of course when he was made to bend over is when he started losing that confidence. Having their fingers inside his asshole while he had no control over the situation would do that to a boy. He remembered how the other boys looked when their asses were spread open towards him, and damn near started sobbing at the thought. He asked, “why can`t I just take my temperature orally?”, he was told that this was way more accurate, and way more fun! These tormentors are all about having their fun while getting the job done! They took a full look inside his anal cavity, and then ordered him to get hard so they could measure it. His stroking session was the saddest one he`s ever had, as he kept trying to look away while the doctors made fun of him for taking so long until he blew his wad into the glass bowl.
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