Medical exam photos: Exam for Poter

“You`re the first one up. Hop up here and let`s have a look at you”. The first boy had no idea what was in store for him, or his friends, at this doctor`s visit. Two blonde doctors were giving today`s physical, and he was already feeling shame for not only standing naked with two guys, but wondering what could possibly happen next. They eased his mind a bit by starting off with checking his blood pressure and his reflexes, but you bet he tightened up once they grabbed a hold of his dick and started examining it in front of everyone else! He was desperately trying to not get hard while the doctor`s hands were all over his piece, but he definitely couldn`t get hard once they bent him over and started fingering his ass to examine it. The other two boys had a front row seat at this, cringing at the fact that they were next up! What made it worse was that after he had his temperature taken, he had to spread eagle so they could see inside his ass. What an awful view! “I don`t think I can do that!”, said the boy to the two doctors. They told him that they could wait all day, but they needed a sperm sample. And he had to do it in front of everyone! He had a problem cumming, especially with an audience, so he tugged his cock and chafed it before finally cumming for them.
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