Medical exam photos: Exam for Petr

Having a bad day already, this boy was not looking forward to being put through what the other guy just went through. He felt bad that he was the chubbiest out of all of them, and even though he didn`t have the smallest dick out of all of them, it sure looked that way on his body. Not to mention the fact that it was now trying to hide inside his body! Maybe that`s why the female doctors had to play, “where`s your penis?” when it came down to examining it! He thought he had a great plan when it came time for the rectal exam. Instead of laying on his back, he`d get on all fours so he couldn`t see anyone`s face. That`s good, because they were really watching intently as she got all the way up his ass with her fingers, the thermometer and the speculum. He took a peek back, and when he realized that his asshole was the start of the show, both sets of cheeks started to blush! So after having your penis made fun of, and your ass being exposed to the world, what`s next on the shaming list? Well masturbating for them all, of course! The doctors waited for him like they were waiting for a bus, as he rhythmically stroked himself. “You boys jerk off before you came in today? There`s no cum at all here!” The last boy knew he was up next, and grew depressed once he finished himself off.
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