Medical exam photos: Exam for Oleg

It almost seemed like this boy was near tears once his examination started! After all, he just watched two others have their buttholes violated, their penises made fun of, and they all had to cum with everyone watching. The pressure was on for him to get through this, and make the most cum after being made fun of. That`s a lot of pressure for a young boy! You can see him tightening his legs while the female doctor grabbed a hold of his cock, as he strained to try and not get aroused. He peed for them, and was this time made to bend over, only he got to face the two boys as they fondled his ass. That has to be the worst, especially since the boys were now snickering at his misfortunes. I can`t imagine that he was able to keep a straight face once that speculum was inside of him, spreading his ass like never before. After looking into his anal cavity, he tried hard to get as hard as he could for his cock measurement. He did not do so well, and they made sure he knew it by saying that he was a show-er instead of a grower. Now they`re pitting the guys against each other! He wanted out of there quickly, so her jerked quickly and got the cum he needed. “Look at the mess this boy made! Terrible!”, one doctor said to the other doctor. They couldn`t let him leave without one more shaming!
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