Medical exam photos: Exam for Nikolay

Now that he had just jerked off, the first boy to got sit in shame while the second boy went up to have his examination done. He was even more nervous than he originally was, basically because he now knows what lies ahead. He sat there as they started with the simple things like the blood pressure check, the reflex check and the eyesight check.As soon as he bent over, his arms started shaking already. They lubed up his ass while smiling at the sight of him submitting to them, and fingered his butt. Once he was properly lubed up, in went the speculum, and his ass cheeks were slowly pried open so they could have a look inside. Actually, all the boys got to look inside of him, since he was so wide open! Once they affirmed that everything in his ass was okay, it was time for the part he was dreading. His cock may have been bigger than the previous boy, but that doesn`t mean that he enjoyed jerking off in front of them. It took a lot of coaxing for him to finally give in to giving them the sperm sample, but they still sat next to him and giggled a bit while he gave it to them! He finally got hard, and it took him so long before he came, shamefully thinking about what he had done. And once he was, they quickly shooed him off and brought up the next poor boy!
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