Medical exam photos: Exam for Murom

This group was almost done, but there was one more boy to examine, and he really did not like how things were turning out. He had to see two other boys get their assholes violated, and he watched them both jerk off into a glass dish. Needless to say, he wasn`t looking forward to any of it, and he was even testy during the easy vitals check! Like a turtle, his penis was practically cowering inside of him, and they had to pull it out of him just to examine it. He peed for them, and then cringed when he realized that the next step was to bend over and spread his legs open. The coldness of the lube didn`t help ease anything inside of him, as his virgin ass was about to be deflowered by a heartless speculum controlled by a female doctor that loved dishing out the punishment to these poor boys. After his ass was examine and they pulled the tool out of him, he quickly thought of sexy thoughts to get hard. “What were you thinking of? Us?”, the two female doctors said to him as they measured his erect dick. That made him blush even more, especially now that he had to cum for them. The other two boys were praying for a quick finish so they could get out of there, and he thankfully gave them their wish. They damn near ran out of there as the girls whispered and giggled at the results.
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