Medical exam photos: Exam for Misha

As the boys get ready for their physicals to get back into school they are all wondering who will have to go first and what will happen to them? They each hate going to the Dr. for a different reason, but overall they are all nervous about being seen naked. Poor Misha is selected first, he wonders why, but he was just the first guy sitting on the couch waiting his turn. He tries to act macho, but with two cute nurses watching him he turns into a big bowl of jelly. The other boys begin to watch so they can find out what they will have to go through when it is time for their physical. This makes Misha so much more nervous and he isn`t sure what he is gonna do as that cute blond nurse reaches down to grab his boy meat and measure it for her records. Misha wonders why they need that when they are checking everyone for the flu. When they asked him for a pee sample, they didn`t even give him the privacy of going to the bathroom alone; they had him pee in the beaker as his friends looked on. They finished up his exam with a rectal exam that left him without breath; they really poked and prodded his ass. When they were finished they re-examined his cock and made him jerk his stuff until he gave them a cum sample. All to his utter embarrassment.
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