Medical exam photos: Exam for Lukas

Nervously, this boy sat down next to the note taking crazy female doctor, wondering why he wasn`t told that he would have to try and not pop a boner in front of them beforehand. The other boys watched anxiously as the doctor started off by testing out his vitals. They didn’t think it was so bad when she was testing his reflexes, either, even though they tried not to look at his flaccid cock when he uncrossed his legs. He tried not to look when she was handling his penis, thinking about someone uglier for sure so he wouldn’t get hard. They got a urine sample from him, as his half chubby dick tinkled into the cup. He looked at both of them as if to say, “are you serious?”, when they laid him back and spread his ass cheeks apart. The coldness of the lube was no match for the coldness of a speculum shoved in his ass, spreading him enough so that they could see inside. This poor boy was being manhandled, and he hated it. As if he had any decency left, the request of a sperm sample really gave him something to worry about. He barely got his cock hard enough for a measurement, since all he was doing the whole time was trying not to get hard. Now he had to stroke himself in front of everyone! He managed to get a few drops out, as the doctors said, “I guess that`s enough” with a huff.
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