Medical exam photos: Exam for Lenni

Since they were both learning on the job, it was the brunette`s turn to administer the physical examination of this boy. I doubt her hands are any more caring and concerned over his pride than the blonde was! She got his blood pressure reading and tested his reflexes, while continually looking between his legs to make him feel self-conscious about his penis. He did measure up to be the smallest, after all! He peed a little in the cup, and let out a nervous smile when she examined the color. “I see you`ve been drinking a lot of water.”, the doctor said to him, as they made him hoist his legs up and spread open for her unwelcome fingers. They wiggled around inside until he was lubed up enough, and when that speculum spread his asshole, he almost fell off! Saying, “hurry up! We need to get you out of here” isn`t the best way to make a boy finish jerking off. For one, he had problems getting hard enough for his measurement, and after they made a comment about it not getting much bigger than his previous measurement, it really didn`t help! He finally got a rhythm down, as they both watched him stroke his cock up and down. They made sure to break his concentration by letting him know that there was one more boy to examine, so he looked straight ahead and beat off into the dish, barely coating the bottom of it.
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