Medical exam photos: Exam for Jan

As his name was called, this boy hopped up on the table, trying desperately to cover his nude cock that was just measured by the female doctor. He hated being naked to begin with, and now he had to try and make sure that he didn`t have an erection around them as they took his vitals and tested his reflexes. He kept his hand covering his piece, but they were replaced by her hands, as he strained to not get aroused while she ran her tests. He stood up and away from everyone to pee in a cup, as the girls took notice. They don`t like when guys get away with being shamed, so they were going to make sure that came back to haunt him. That first came in the form of a spread eagle, as he had to lay back and open up his asshole for them. They lubed his butt up as he tried desperately to look away. Unfortunately the only place he could look was at the two boys on the couch who were next! I bet he`s never been spread that wide open, much less in front of a crowd! After he got his cock hard for the last measurement, they commented on how he must be a grower instead of a show-er, since he had such a small limp dick. He quickly jerked off as they waited impatiently for his sperm sample, leaving the table to the quote of, “is that all you`ve got?”.
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