Medical exam photos: Exam for James

It was then time for James to have his physical. After watching the other physicals, he really doesn`t want to get up and head over there. He sure as hell doesn`t want to go up and have his balls and cock touched let alone spreading his ass cheeks for what looks like torture from two strange nurses. With the other boys looking on he slinks up to the nurses ready for his physical, torture is what it feels like to this poor little hottie. He can`t back down with the other boys watching, so he slinks up and prepares for the worse. Just because he knew what was going to happen didn`t make it any easier on this cute boy. He watched as they took his vital signs, already feeling humiliated. They poked him, and prodded him as they took down all the information. He kept taking side looks to see if the other boys are watching and although they are all faced forward he knows they are taking peeks at his naked ass while they probed and tested it. After they finished his probing he knew it was time for them to get his dick hard and for him to give them both a pee and a cum sample. He wasn`t quite sure about doing it in front of his hot friends, but those mean nurses didn`t take no for an answer and just like his school mates he had to lose his hot load in a cup.
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