Medical exam photos: Exam for Eduard

After having their group examination, the female doctors told them that they would each be examined individually now. “So what office will I be going into?”, the first boy asked. “Oh no, we`ll just do it right here”, they replied. This poor boy had to get his full examination right in front of all these other guys! It started simply enough with a check of his blood pressure. After that, his reflexes and eye sight were checked, as the other boys snickered at the sight in front of them. “What are you laughing about? You`re next!”, said the doctors. They really know how to put these boys in their place! “Let me check out your penis”, the doctor told him. It was so small that you could barely see it in her hands, and he was embarrassed by it! But what really made him blush on both sets of cheeks was when he bend over for a rectal examination. The ladies couldn`t even say rectal without laughing a bit! He bent over and groaned while having his asshole spread for the whole room to see. He wasn`t just exposed though; he had his asshole spread open with a speculum, as the other boys cringed at that sight. “Now we just need a sperm sample from you.” “What?!?”, he replied. He couldn`t believe he had to stroke his cock in front of everyone, and cum while everyone was staring! Now the other boys know what to expect, and that makes it worse!
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