Medical exam photos: Exam for Denny

Denny went first, and since Wes was the only one watching from the couch he wasn`t too nervous, they had seen each other buck naked before in the showers at school. As he sits down the nurses explain what they are going to do and show him some of the instruments that they will be using. They test his reflexes and muscle tone before they tell him they need a urine sample. As he is peeing in the cup, he thinks this wasn`t so bad and turns in his urine. He notices that Wes is checking out his horse sized cock as the nurse tells him to stand up, turn around and bend over. Denny gets a bit worried at this point, he had no clue they`d be giving him a rectal exam today, and he tries not to clench his ass when they begin to finger his butt and take his rectal temperature. He knows Wes is watching, which puts a grin on his face. He wonders what Wes is thinking. After they look deep inside his ass with the rectal probe, they tell him to turn around and sit back down. His ass is pretty sore, but he does it anyway. Then they begin to measure his cock again, and hand him a cup so he can give them a sperm sample. Now, there is something he will enjoy doing. He strokes that big horse sized cock and shoots out his load smiling at Wes as he does.
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