Medical exam photos: Exam for Damon

It was Damon`s turn next and he didn`t want any part of it after seeing Misha`s exam. What were these crazy nurses doing? He wasn`t hip on getting up, but he made a show of it and went on up and had his blood pressure checked. If those crazy nurses tried anything else he swore to himself that he would get up and leave. After they took his blood pressure he crossed his legs, he was quite embarrassed and not ready to have these nurses playing with his cock. They got him to stand up and they began to examine his manhood. He could have crawled in a hole. He could feel the other boys staring at his manhood while they pretended that they weren`t. After embarrassing him in front of the guys, these nurses continue to turn Damon into a quivering shell of a guy. They examine his ass as the guys silently gasp as she shoves a huge rectal tool up this cute guy`s ass and worry about their own physicals to come. After she spreads his ass cheeks wide and takes his rectal temperature leaving his hot ass gaping wide open she hands him a glass jar. She needs to get a piss sample from this boy. When he thinks he has been embarrassed enough she strokes his cock and gets that pecker hard and demands his sperm sample before he can slink back to the other boys.
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